About All Pro Blinds

Points of Interest

  • We have 14 years experience!
  • We use Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology!
  • We clean blinds on-site!
  • We are fully licensed and insured!
  • Residential and Commercial pricing
  • We stand behind our work, guaranteed!
  • Locally owned & operated!
  • Our average cleaning time is 1-2 hours!
  • Our average price is about $150 dollars!
  • References available upon request!

What We Do

We perform On-Site Blind Cleaning. We will travel to your location, remove your blinds and clean them in our mobile Ultrasonic tank. The blinds are then returned to the original window. So what does this mean to you? You will not have to remove the blinds yourself, drive them to a location, go overnight with the windows exposed and then re-hang them. You won't even have to move your own furniture! The best part of this service is that its included in our pricing. No hidden fees or cost! So, make sure to ask our competitors if they offer On-site cleaning without any hidden fees or cost! There's a reason we've handled more than 66,000 blinds and lasted 14 years! Our service is perfect for buildings that have security challenges. Your security and convenience are always our top priority!